Safe space - better place

Safety measures
for COVID 19

Here in WorkBetter we have high standards of cleanliness and hygiene to provide our members safe and healthy workspaces.

Hand sanitizers:

● All entrances
● All kitchen areas
● Next to every print station
● In all meeting rooms 
● In all toilets

Ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

● Ventilation system with capacity of 12 000 m³/h for each floor
● Jonix Air duct non-thermal plasma (NTP) technology system for prevention and
management of viral infections and associated diseases
● Open-windows schedule (every 2hours for 10 mins in the shared areas)

Enhanced cleaning schedule:

● All tables and surfaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected
● Disinfectant liquid, wipes and paper towels are provided on each floor

Better for me - Better for you:

We highly recommend our members and visitors to:

● Wear a mask in all community areas and meeting rooms
● Keep a safe distance from each other on the common areas, in the meeting rooms or during social events
● Frequently wash their hands for at least 2 minutes, or use sanitizers when in contact with high-touch areas.

BETTER with Awareness:

WorkBetter kindly request every member to self-report when he/she is diagnosed with COVID-19 and get in touch with the WorkBetter’s team immediately when feeling sick or have had a contact with someone who is tested positive for COVID-19, in order to inform all members on the same floor and respectively take special care in disinfecting the area and stop the spread of the disease.