better MISSION

We believe that businesses flourish when people are thrilled to come to work. One of the best ways to attract and retain top talent is to provide an excellent environment. 

With us, our members benefit from increased employee engagement and have the opportunity to be in a place where they feel happy and productive. WorkBetter provides peace of mind to business owners by allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities while we handle the rest.

Our members engage in an exciting workplace where they receive personalized service, an exclusive community, a well-established professional network, in-house events featuring wellness, lifestyle, and professional development programs and an amazing outside green area ideal for networking with fellow co-workers.


Unlike traditional office leases, WorkBetter is an all-inclusive, ‘plug-and play’ solution providing short commitment, flexible growth or reduction based on your business needs with no capital expenditure.

WorkBetter provides you with a viable exit strategy, including contract termination. You also have full transparency on costs, there are no variable operating costs, so you can plan your financials with assurance for the long run.

BETTER home for your business. We created a shared workspace that boosts creativity and has double the perks of a normal office. Join us!


WorkBetter is part of Office X Business Garden: a complex of 4 Class-A buildings. The business garden proposes a healthy environment with natural light, fresh air, and quiet work conditions.

The BETTER team


Tony Aleksandrov

Co-founder & CEO

I am obsessed with the idea of coworking and a huge believer that flex workspaces are the future of the new office reality.

My experience shows that when choosing the right workspace environment customers put a great emphasis on their experience: central location, unique design, and service of the highest standard. My aim is to provide a strong, strategic partnership to our members and help them enhance their businesses!….Good vibes are guaranteed!

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Hadi Hamze

Community & IT Support Manager

Something like a Call of Duty lobby, but everyone has different tasks.

WorkBetter is a new step towards coworking in Bulgaria. My goal is to be a strong connection between the people within the community, making them feel welcome. If not by words, I will be sure to make that happen by fun events, making the idea of working in WorkBetter a recurring exciting experience.


Dessi Miteva

Office & Event Manager

I am a firm believer in the power of connection and I am always seeking ways to effectively communicate with new people.

I understand the importance of fostering a sense of community within WorkBetter and I strive to create opportunities for our members to connect and collaborate, both through organized events, happy hours and infromal gatherings.